• jacket1
    FASHION Tuesday Treat

    Denim Deal

    Denim is the ultimate fall staple but finding the right denim staple is the big task. There’s a little chill in the air. It’s that time of the year when a denim jacket is the perfect thing to throw on over that sundress you don’t want to give up on just yet, or when the sun goes …

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    FASHION Life Hacks

    Celebs Nail The Polka Look

    Cheerful, careless and ironic, the polka fashion has always fascinated those who wish to give character and a personal touch to their outfits. It tickled our curiosity and we wanted more of this amazing trend in women’s fashion. Lucky for us, our fantasy is one that doesn’t seem to suffer from the trends and still …

  • mehak
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Mehak Sharma

    Mehak Sharma is surfing on the waves of life, in wanderlust and an insurmountable love for fashion. She is full of passion & energy, with an eye for quirky creativity. One must try her blog ‘Shades of Moon’ for some freshness and insight. Here’s what we found out about her. Favourite fashion designer and why: …

  • kim
    FASHION The Hit List

    Kim Kardashian

    It’s not an easy task, keeping up with Kim Kardashian. The girl is full of possibilities and ventures. She is an American reality television star as well as a businesswoman, model and a stylist. She has left no stone unturned in terms of business ventures. She has released her versions of fragrances followed by a …

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    FASHION Friday Fashion Finds

    Party With Prints

    Florals and other prints are said to be the fashion trends for spring and summer, but we are all for breaking rules and stereotypes. We strongly believe that festive holiday fashion is all about being unique and standing out in creative prints. We feel one cannot bind print to a specific season or even a …

  • metal
    FASHION Trend Alert

    Metal Love

    Gone is the time when the thought of shiny gold attire called to mind glitzy grandmas or Las Vegas party girls. However post Fall 2016 runways, metallics are poised to be a seasonal standout. The metallic looks were all the rage on the catwalks as we noticed skirts, dresses, tops, pants and everything in between appearing in …

  • partydress
    FASHION Tuesday Treat

    Spread Some Sparkle

    Some women walk in and just light up the room. They are gorgeous, glamourous and instantly inspire a song in everyone’s heads, ‘She’s got the Look!’.   Now we’ve got some for you. Step into the world of the Glitterati with Tais Dress and turn heads at every party. Get ready to spread some sparkle …

  • snap
    FASHION The Hit List

    Snap It Up

    Snapchat, hands down, by far is the most popular social media channel with thousands of people watching each other doing nothing or boring stuff every day. Bizarre, right? But that’s the intimacy level of Snapchat – it makes you feel like you’re all really good friends, hanging out on a mundane Monday, doing nothing together. …