Vishwa Bhavsar, founder of the blog ‘A cup of vish’, is a fun-loving & fashion forward girl who likes to try new trends but in a minimalistic approach. She strongly believes that she can’t survive without fashion! We love her outlook and her passion for all things beautiful. Here’s a snippet from our conversation with her-


  1. Favourite fashion designer and why: Sabyasachi Mukherjee undoubtedly because I love the way he plays with colours, silhouettes & embellishments & creates pieces that seen to be trendy yet take us back to our roots.
  2. One holiday destination on your radar and why: Santorini. The idea of living at a Cute Pastel Island, wearing the quirkiest outfits has always fascinated me.
  3. You would wardrobe swap with: Alia Bhatt for her Girl-Next-Door looks.
  4. Currently listening to: Closer by Chain Smoker & That’s my Girl by Fifth Harmony
  5. A restaurant everyone must go to and why: Being a Pizza Freak I would first recommend Ray’s Café & Pizzeria in Bandra for their lip smacking pizzas.


What do you like the most about SBL? I love how versatile SBL’s collection is & every women can find their favourite under one site. Also SBL is the first to offer such diverse size variations & that’s very convenient for a lot of people.

If you could change one thing about SBL, what would it be? SBL seems perfect to me, I can’t think of anything that needs change or alteration. Thumbs up!

Her current top 5 picks from StalkBuyLove currently are: