Horizontal or vertical, a skirt or a top, full sleeved or cropped, this is one never-ending trend we all swear by. For those of you who think they’re boring or that they make you look fat- watch us prove you wrong and send all your doubts flying away in 5 simple points. As long as you know how to style them, stripes can look ultra- chic and super fab!

1) Keep it simple, silly!
If you’d like to take a leaf from either English princess Kate Middleton’s style or world-famous singer Taylor Swift’s book, keep it simple with the classic striped tee.
Pair it with: Basic lowers like a pair of skinny fit jeans, denim shorts or black/navy pants.
Shoes to conquer this look: Flats or wedges.

2) Pop some colour in
if you’re bored with the monotonous black and white tones, go ahead and don those coloured stripes. Maintaining the style that comes with stripes, they also add some hues! We’d call it perrr-fect.
Pair it with: Coloured stripes look best on a dress, but if you do find a tee then wear it with a different coloured pant, shorts, or denim.
Accessories: You can add a necklace or an earring of the same colour to look ethereal.
Shoes to conquer this look: We suggest soft toned pumps, or flats.

3) Go all- out!
Stripes on stripes can never go wrong! Wearing it like this will give you a slender silhouette and make you appear taller. Look at how bollywood’s little miss sunshine rocks the trend, and take some tips!
Pair it with: If wearing a onesie, all you need is the right makeup and a choker necklace if you want to add that. Wearing a twosie, then don’t forget to add a chic pair of sunglasses and maybe also a hat!
Shoes to conquer this look: The black stilettoes.

4) Mixy-matchy
Mix these stripes with another print and achieve two goals at once: the print on print trend as well as the stripe trend!
Pair it with: Polka dots, floral print, Aztec print, or any other print, basically!
Accessories: A bag to go with it is a must. We suggest a tote.
Shoes to conquer this look: If you’re wearing a colourful print besides the stripe, go with heels that match that one.

So, weren’t we successful in proving you stripe haters wrong? *Mission accomplished like a boss*