Celebs chop, colour and restyle to their hearts content. They do know a good hairstyle from a bad one—or at least have the guts to make a drastic transformation. Be prepared for some real hair updates which will get you in the mood to shake up your hair for a fresh new you as we’ve pulled together our favourite celeb hair transformations for 2016.



When: May 2016
What: Long black locks

It’s hard to keep up with her constant colour changes every week. This month or rather week, she has gone from buttery blonde to long glossy black locks. We love this change Kylie. Way to go!


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When: May 2016
What: Long Blonde Wavy Hair

The singer surprised us with her romantic long blonde tresses, a complete turnover from her previous sharp looks. She manages to stun us nonetheless.


When: April 2016
What: Tousled brown Hair

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star’s blonde highlights were fun and looked totally gorge on her, but we admire her dark tresses too.


When: Feb 2016
What: Red-head

Blake Lively has injected some colour in her life by changing her hair to the colour of strawberries. And who doesn’t love strawberries.


When: April 2016
What: Super long extensions

The multi-talented Vanessa has been spotted sporting beautiful black waist length lioness curls. We’re obsessing over it. Are you?

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When: May 2016
What: Fiery red

Karlie may be naturally brunette blonde, but it’s easy to forget when any hair colour she chooses looks fabulous, as demonstrated with her new fiery red hair.