The Bollywood life is rich, glamorous and full of the glitz and glam of fashion. Over the past few years, actresses have adorned international labels and embraced global fashion in a big way *church bells ring and a choir sings Halleluiah*. The women of Bollywood are now bolder, edgier and ready to experiment and we commoners love every single bit of it.

But when thinking about a Bollywood style icon, one woman stands out from the small crowd of very well clothed beings. She has the ability to own every single ensemble she puts on her back and own it with aplomb. She can nail any theme and look like she’s from an era gone by, effortlessly. She has worked hard to be where she is and is a Queen in more ways than one. She is Kangana Ranaut.

So we give you 7 reasons why Kangana Ranaut is an epic style icon for us girls.

Hot Dang! That’s Classy:
Kangana is one classy minx. Check out any of her red carpet looks (and a few off the red carpet too) and you’ll surely be scrolling back up to see them again. She’s got what it take to make you look twice and with the right amount of confidence and a whole lot of ‘muchness’, Kangana is sight for sore eyes at any classy do. It’s an added amount of excitement when you see her play around with her hair to match every outfit she’s got going for her.

Initiating the Audrey:
A well know lover of Audrey Hepburn’s style, Kangana channels the great style icon in many ensembles and she does it to perfection. The up do hair, the pearls, the blush – she checks all the boxes when it comes to ‘How to nail the Hepburn look’. There have been many who have tried to emulate the Audrey way but only a handful has mastered the art and Kangana is at the top of that list too.

Edgy and Never Better:
From how spunky and in the zone Kangana looks in her off beat ensembles, she rules the throne of experimental success in fashion. In an industry that tears you apart for a little fashion faux pas, this girl gives two hoots if you don’t like what she likes. She’ll wear it nonetheless and introduce people to the world of sexy edginess. Whether she pairs up a draped dress and a Stella McCartney gown with sneakers or a Tom Ford sequined jersey dress with fish net stockings, she always leaves the majority drooling over her gumption and a lot more.

The Casual Queen:
Graphic tees, summer dresses, short shorts and stone wash jeans – these are a few of the things that make up Kangana’s casual wardrobe. She’s a no fuss, just comfort kind of gal and we love the simplicity of it all. The fact that she looks downright chic in any casual ensemble sparks a hint of envy in each of us but we take it like as a lesson well learned. If you’re looking to clinch the casual summer dress just like Kangana, you should check out the ones’ we’ve hauled up at You’re sure to love them.

Trending Much:
Be it crop tops, cut outs, co-ords or sheer, Kangana Ranaut has tried and tested each of these trends and how! As she does with each of her ensembles, Kangana really made each trend her own and played around with colours, prints and silhouettes. Now what more can you ask from you style icon that she remain true to herself while killing the latest trends.
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Can we get some Pencils over here please!
Kangana is such a big believer in the power of the pencil skirt that it had to be a point of its own. As always, her look is never the same and she mixes and matches like a Boss! Her sweater with a leather pencil skirt combo is one to die for the casual chic vibe, while the sheer top and white pencil skirt leaves us gasping for some more.
If you too are pining for the pencils, check out our online pencil skirt collection. We say that you should reach out to your inner Kangana and crush the pencil skirt trend too.

She’s a BFF to many and a stylish one at that too:
Though the friendship of Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte rakes up some nostalgia, it’s time to shift some gears. Back home our style icon Kangana has a serious bunch of friends in the industry, which is rare in any case. And we give extra brownie points to our fashionista for being honest about what’s on her mind and not playing the diplomatic card every single time. She minces no words and it’s no surprise, Miss Padukone, PeeCee and so many more vouch for Kangana hands down.