A tummy bulge is a nightmare for any girl. So, while you work your way towards the perfect figure, we help you with your dose of fashion fix. Yes, a bulging tummy won’t be a barrier in your fashion statement. The trick is to hide with perfection. You don’t have to wear baggy tees and oversized dresses to hide that fat. Here are a few pointers to camouflage your belly with style.

1. Love to Layer It:

Layering is the ultimate tip to deal with problem areas. Along with hiding your tummy, it’s a great way to up your style quotient. Layer your look with jackets, cardigans and scarves to pimp out your ensemble instantly. Waterfall or straight jackets can both work and visually lengthen your silhouette.

2. A-line dresses

A-line dresses or skater dresses are dresses with a fitted top and a broader silhouette from the waist. These dresses are ideal to camouflage a bulging belly. Straight dresses that don’t cling to your tummy area are also a great way to hide your tummy. The A-line silhouette is a flattering one if you want to look fab without looking bulky.

Sonam nails the position of the waist hem with it starting over her natural waist, while Huma Qureshi gets this look right with soft colours and the large pleats covering her waistline. While the British singer songwriter Adele looks graceful in this A-line maxi dress that slims her silhouette, the original rebel, Drew Barrymore, opts for a pleated skirt that is lose around the stomach area.

3. Confuse them all with Prints:

What makes prints score brownie points over solid colors? Prints can create illusions and camouflage a protruding tummy. Asymmetric, geometric, floral or animal – Take your pick cause prints have the power to do it all. If you’re opting for stripes, the narrower, the better.

Fashion goddess Kim Kardashian is great at keeping her tum tum at bay with the Aztec inspired print and Heidi Klum gets her freak on with the cheetah print. Sonam Kapoor is no far behind with her lovely floral brigade that does its job brilliantly, while Michelle Keegan mixes her ensemble up well with a print and jacket combo.

4. Shape Wear: God’s gift to womankind

Now here’s a secret that celebrities have been keeping under the wraps for a while and it’s finally out in the open. Celebs wear shapewear and that too under EVERYTHING.

Shape wears come in different varieties- from camisoles to corsets and many more. Take your time to find the best shape wear according to your body type.

P.S.  Wearing shape wear a size smaller than your actual size won’t make you look thinner. It would instead be tacky and uncomfortable.

Spanx and shapewear has become so big that new designs and collections are revealed at large scale fashion shows and many celebs have spoken about the perils and awesomeness of spanx. Recently, movie star Abbie Cornish took to instagram to give her fans a sneak pic into the making of a perfect Hollywood figure.

Lastly, don’t follow trends blindly. Wear only those outfits which are ideal for you and create your own fashion statement. Give a look at our collection of cardigans, blazers, dresses and scarves. We’ve got some hidden gems that you’re sure to enjoy stalking and a whole lot more that you’ll love buying.

So what are your thoughts on the problems of the tummy? Can these fashion hacks really do the trick? Comment below cause we’d love to hear your take on whether a bulging tummy is a style breaker.