This is what you missed at  Milan Fashion Week 2017. This time it was insane and we are left with very little to state. Look at some of these crazy manifestations.


Pant-skirts , Skants, Pirts ? Which one is it ? Georgio Armani gets people to stop scanning through Oscar’s best dressed and takes all the attention himself.



Emilio Pucci directed the Yeti.

Were the name’s periphery tastic caps a contrasting option to sunblock? A tribute to grass? A nostalgic recognition of the shine of disco? Critics did not have much to state and we don’t either.



Bottega Veneta conveyed nuance, power and modernity.

The show included garments for both men and women. “They were outlined in the meantime and talk a similar dialect.




Missoni passed out pink caps.

Angela Missoni and her family swarmed on the runway wearing pink caps, and she entreated the group of onlookers to “demonstrate the world the form group is joined together and valiant.”



Gucci drew on pretty much everything for motivation.

The show’s subject was the Alchemist’s Garden, which meant 120 looks reviewing Genghis Khan, Queen Elizabeth II, punks, Victorian operagoers and the sky is the limit from there. One model even conveyed a goliath bolt.

It was fantastical to the point that it was excessively fantastical, Vanessa Friedman, our faultfinder, chose: “There’s no getting away from the way that regardless it appears as though ensemble.”




Fashion honored Franca Sozzani.

Christopher Bailey, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Stella McCartney and more went to a dedication for the long-lasting supervisor of Italian Vogue, who kicked the bucket in December at 66.