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    Apply Make-up Like A Pro

    There are so many of us who struggle with the wonderful world of makeup. There are actually some basic techniques that when employed correctly can take your face from whatever to woah. So take some time out to read about these steps. They will definitely be helpful now and in the future.   Never put concealer …

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    Skin Care Tips

    Let’s face it! Our skin doesn’t always work the same way every day. Sometimes it gets a little fussy and doesn’t want to behave. It’s important to take full care of our skin. Thus, we give you some skin care tips that you must follow religiously.   Lotion Up Daily moisturizing is the best defence …

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    Beauty Hacks at Milan Fashion Week

    As far as Fashion Weeks are concerned, Milan has always been known for conceptual cool and quirky colour—yet again this year, the Milan fashion Week had hit like an inspirational jolt. A new energy seemed to pulse through the city, pushing hair and makeup artists to dig into their kits with a fresh creative spirit. …

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    Fruit Splash

    Healthy and glowing skin is beautiful and what all of us dream of having. Although, we girls are a little sceptic about what we apply on our face as the skin is quite sensitive. But don’t you worry! We have found some very basic fruit face packs that are natural and productive. Here are some …

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    We all tend to unconsciously live by a set of pre-existing beauty rules, buying new products that fit the bill and staying within our comfort zones. After all, no one wants to mess with their natural skin and hair. But ladies, it’s time to burst some myths as beauty waits for no man’s rules.   …

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    Nothing is more attractive and sexy than a drop-dead gorgeous pout created by your favourite lipstick. It’s actually more than just a pretty pout, of course. True beauty comes from within. Lipsticks just adds a little sass. And confidence. And colour. And glamour. Forget what we just said, lipsticks are always a good idea! So, …

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    Your makeup got smudged during the sudden rains? We have all been there. We all know that it gets quite difficult to keep up with a beauty regime come monsoon time. Ladies, it is essential to keep your makeup light and balanced for this season. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you look …

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    Trying to figure out what makeup brush to use and for what? Don’t worry girl! You are not the only one. We find ourselves lost too. So, here’s the ultimate guide to the types of makeup brushes to use and for what purpose.   Eye Blending Brush As the name suggests, this brush is used …

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    Makeup Kit For Beginners

    Makeup is the most confusing thing when you’re a beginner. It’s fun! But can be overwhelming when there’s a gazillion makeup products to choose from. Don’t you worry girlies! We give you a head-start on the must have essentials. So take out your pen and start making notes.     BB Cream We suggest trying …