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  • right kind of dungaree
    Fashion Basics

    The Right Kind of Dungaree

    “Absolutely everyone can wear dungarees,” says Donna Karan, 65. “I wear them for comfort. I throw them over my bodysuit. The overalls made a grand come back two years ago, when Prince Harry’s former girlfriend Cressida Bonas wore a stonewashed pair of dungarees to the Glastonbury festival, a look that she replicated this year in …

  • leggings
    Fashion Basics

    Girls Need Leggings

    There is one thing about leggings that no matter how much ever we deny it, we will always still have it in our wardrobes. Not just used for yoga or jogging, leggings are now the epitome for a girl. Whether you need for your Sunday errands, meet a friend for a while or just relax, …

  • Fashion Basics

    What You Need is a Peplum Top

    The style of having that prominence around your hips is back- Peplum tops, a girl’s way to sexiness. Peplum style dates back to the mid 19th century, which entered the high end fashion by 1940’s to accentuate an hourglass body shape. Peplum looks like a skirt that flares from the waist or the hips. Women …

  • crop top styling
    Fashion Basics

    How to Style a Cropped Top

    We are not exaggerating for sure when we talk about crop tops. Coming back from the times of Madonna, wearing it in 1980’s, during a flash dance, has definitely now come back with more trends, colors and styles. Initially, we couldn’t accept the top without the buttons but now is the time where every second …

  • rip-denims
    Fashion Basics

    How to Rip Your Denims

    Fashion is one word that keeps running in our minds every time we want to go out. We are choosy, we are confused what to get and what to not. Talking about what’s trendy, ripped jeans are back and now you will see almost all of them having atleast one pair of it. But really …

  • prints
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    Prints You Need to Have Right Now!!

    Right now, for the approaching chilling-winters, we have selected a few trendy prints that you might want to add to wardrobe right away! Every print is distinct, has something different to offer you. These are a fashionable addition to your wardrobes, they encompass an entirely never-seen-before, never-imagined-before arts and figures, which set all sorts of …

  • ways to wear stripes
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    4 Ways To Wear Stripes!

    Horizontal or vertical, a skirt or a top, full sleeved or cropped, this is one never-ending trend we all swear by. For those of you who think they’re boring or that they make you look fat- watch us prove you wrong and send all your doubts flying away in 5 simple points. As long as …

  • Feature image 10 August 15
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    1 DIY Quick fix for Strong Nails

    We’ve all been down that road where we envy other girls’ beautiful nails and you are left wondering – How does she do it? While some of us are just not blessed with beautiful nails (thanks to genetics…uuhhh!!), others are just habitual nail bitters. But whatever may be your reason, we’ve got a quick fix …

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    Fashion Basics

    How Not to Tank, Tank Tops!

    Ladies, you know that being a fashionista doesn’t come easy. However, it’s easy to find a fashion staple that’s comfortable yet stylish. When we think of effortless fashion, “Tank Tops” are at the top of our list. These sexy sleeveless tops have never gone out of style so it’s no wonder that they are considered …