Fashion Basics

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    Fashion Basics

    Flowery Summer, Fresh Summer

    Summer has really hit the land and all you can think about is looking fresh all day constantly beating the heat that is catching on. Feeling those naughty beads of sweat that crop up almost everywhere is kind of gross but what you really care about is that fresh look which would make you fall …

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    Fashion Basics

    Pencils- Beyond Your Drawing Book

    I’m sure you have heard about pencil skirts. Because if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t probably be reading this (you’re fashionable is what I mean, in case you didn’t take the hint). So, pencil skirts as you know are slim fitting with narrow cut. They are long and close fitted to the body, and hence they …

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    Fashion Basics

    Rediscover yourself with a Peplum

    Hello ladies! Looking for something to perfectly fit in to your wardrobe and flatter your looks? Firstly, whatever you wear or whatever you chose to pick from the rack in a showroom, just wear it with confidence. Secondly, don’t ever be afraid to experiment. After all fashion is all about experimenting with your attire and …

  • Pencil Dress
    Fashion Basics

    Slender and Bold in a Pencil

    If comes a chance when you can buy only one thing for your wardrobe, well the thought is scary indeed but really if that situation arises then forget about every other look you had in mind, close the lockers of your head and quickly grab a pencil dress. We all know what the pencil skirt …

  • Black Dress
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    So ladies! You have had a long tiring week working and are looking for some Retail therapy to pump up yourself for the weekend. Don’t sweat it! We’re the place to be and have all sorts of remedies to cure the weekend’s burnout. Quit whatever you are doing, ‘cause the ‘Little Black Dress’ collection is …

  • Cowl Neck
    Fashion Basics

    Flaunt The Neck The Cowl Way

    Whether it is a casual day out or a formal event, cowl never lets you down. It is asked: “Are cowl neck still in fashion?” very often. There is just one answer- They are never out of fashion! They are one of the trendiest styles that are totally timeless. A cowl neck suits every body …

  • Fashion Love Affair
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    A Fashion Love Affair!

    Stalk Buy Lovers, if you watched the Oscars that went by a few days ago, you must have noticed that it was a literally a Pastel face off!! That’s right, the biggest fashion icons walked the red carpet in sherbet colours, setting the trend yet again. Pastel Hues are perfect for the summer months. We’ll …