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    Prints of Spring/Summer 2016

    What we really like to see on the runways is how one garment is beautifully made. But this year Spring Summer trend report has something more to tell us. Prints from floral to animal print, we know it all, but in the mean while many designers this year, have come up with more styles, in …

  • little black dress
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    Ways to pull off LBD’s

    Coco Chanel introduced this amazing statement which is now the epitome of every women, a little black dress. Every time you imagine a black dress, something classy, elegant and sexy comes to your mind which is absolutely true as that’s what owning a black dress is about. Initially, the color black was considered for mourning …

  • Stylish Cullotes
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    5 Ways to Style Your Culottes

    This fall weather has definitely set a new mark when it comes to girls being at comfort as culottes from the 18th century are introduced yet again to us. Culottes are the most relaxing pants for this time as these pants are voluminous and have no trouble for us to get it tailored. These flare …

  • Be Stylish This Winter
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    Be Stylish This Winter

    All the girls out there love to style themselves by wearing dresses, but as winters have come, it gets really difficult to choose those pretty dresses till the time summers arrive again. The times when you have to attend a party, you are clueless because in this freezing g weather you can’t afford to go …

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    Little love for your legs!

    Showing off your legs all the time is not an option. Sometimes the sun takes a toll or the cheapos out there make it almost impossible to flaunt your sexy legs in skin. Also let’s not hide away from the fact that we ourselves get too lazy to wax our legs at times! Maybe this …

  • Black Dress
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    So ladies! You have had a long tiring week working and are looking for some Retail therapy to pump up yourself for the weekend. Don’t sweat it! We’re the place to be and have all sorts of remedies to cure the weekend’s burnout. Quit whatever you are doing, ‘cause the ‘Little Black Dress’ collection is …

  • 50 shades of rainbow
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    It’s the festival of colour! And to celebrate Holi with a splash, StalkBuyLove brings you a trend that has made its way to clothing time and time again. “Ombre” comes from the French word meaning “Shading.” You’ve probably seen those tops or dresses that are light green at the hem and gradually go darker, finishing …