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    Cleanse Yourself

    Water makes up around two thirds of our identity, and impacts 100 percent of the procedures in our body, That explains why we feel better when we’re drinking enough of it. It also helps in cleansing out toxins from our body. To learn precisely how water is helping us, try some of these natural approaches …

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    FASHION Life Hacks

    Boss Girl

    Unleash your inner goddess, sweeties. You were born to be a queen-the boss girl! Shred that fake princess skin and take your rightful place in the world. Up your office style with SBL.   Fulfil your dreams Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or to wake up and chase them. …

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    FASHION Life Hacks

    Your Weekly Wardrobe- Sorted!

    Dressing well in winters daily is a difficult task! All you want to do is wrap yourself in something warm and get cozy. But layering can be fun and fresh too! So here are our no-thought-needed hero pieces to have you owning the weekly winter wear. We have a look for each day of the …

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    FASHION Life Hacks

    Declutter Your Wardrobe

    Do you ever find yourself staring at your closet full of clothes and feeling like you’ve got absolutely nothing to wear? Here’s the truth: You don’t need more clothing. You need less! Your wardrobe should reflect the classy, independent woman that you are. It’s time to declutter your life as well as your closet, girls. Here …

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    FASHION Life Hacks

    Themes For The Perfect Bridal Shower

    Single or not, weddings make for the ultimate girl-bonding events, thanks to bridal-shopping, cocktail and bachelorette parties. And depending on if you’re the bride-to-be, maid of honour, the sister of the bride, or just the party planner in your group of girlfriends; you may be brainstorming some bridal themes no matter what time of year …

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    FASHION Life Hacks

    How To Carry: Leggings

    There is one thing about leggings that no matter how much ever we deny it, we will always still have it in our wardrobes. Not just used for yoga or jogging, leggings are now the epitome for a girl. Whether you need for your Sunday errands, meet a friend for a while or just relax, …