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  • sejal
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    Sejal Kumar

    If you aren’t yet following the popular fashion influencer Sejal Kumar on Instagram, you are missing out! Luckily, we got the amazing opportunity to get candid with this popular you-tuber as she opened up about her favourites. Read on to find about more about her. Favourite fashion designer and why: Sabyasachi for his epic bridal collections! …

  • jenie
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    Babe Of The Month

    She is not just a girl who loves styling, travelling and eating. She is much more than that. She is a fashionista with a knack for business as well. She is our babe of the month- Jenie Narzary. Read on to know more about her. Favourite fashion designer and why: Currently I am obsessing over …

  • pooja
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    Beautiful Pooja Padhariya

    The popular fashion blogger Pooja Padhariya is known for changing her fashion perspective from time to time but what stays constant is the confidence she has in herself. Being comfortable in whatever she chooses to wear and having fun. Read on to know more about her! Favourite fashion designer and why: There is a list …

  • cur
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    Curious Components

    If you are curious about the way of life and all things creative and fashionable, you are surely going to love the “Curious Components”. The co-founders, Shivi and Shrishti, are one of the most sought after bloggers in the world of fashion. Recently, they took out time from their busy schedule and gave us some …

  • 03
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Much Too Much

    Cherry is from the beautiful land of tea gardens, Assam. She is a video talent at Popxo by profession and a blogger at Much, Too Much where she conveys her thoughts about fashion, lifestyle, food & anything that can inspire people to be creative. Recently we got candid with this very talented girl and this …

  • 11
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    Top Indian Fashion Bloggers

    With the hundreds and hundreds of fashion bloggers out there, it’s hard to break through the noise. We understand your need to follow the best. The big question is, who to follow? We list down top 10 style bloggers on Instagram you may not be following yet but should add to your radar.    

  • mehak
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Mehak Sharma

    Mehak Sharma is surfing on the waves of life, in wanderlust and an insurmountable love for fashion. She is full of passion & energy, with an eye for quirky creativity. One must try her blog ‘Shades of Moon’ for some freshness and insight. Here’s what we found out about her. Favourite fashion designer and why: …

  • chiara
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    International Fashion Blogger To Follow

    For the second year in a row, Chiara Ferragni, the Los Angeles-based Italian Blogger has secured the top spot on Fashionista’s list of digital influencers. She started her blog, TheBlondeSalad in 2009 and has not looked back. Apart from blogging and owning a highly successful shoe line, she also collaborates with premium designer labels and …

  • sunday star3
    FASHION Sunday Star

    With Love, Miss D

    Dixika Vanvari, or better known as Ms. D is a famous Indian fashion blogger who stole our hearts with her mesmerising insta pics and amazing blog called “With Love, Miss D”. We got the amazing opportunity to candid with her and this is what we found out about the fashionista. Favourite fashion designer and why: …

  • dolly
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    Spill The Sass

    Dolly Singh is one fashion designer who hates to fit in a mould and be a part of the crowd. She has this urge to try new things every day. She insists that it is this urge that really defines her. Recently, we got up and personal with creator of blog- Spill The Sass. Read …