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    Dress The Best

    We know that every woman craves for a perfect dress, be it for any occasion. Talking about Midi dresses they came into fashion few years back and with time they have surely modernized and are no more an old fashioned attire to own. Midi dresses are easy to find but maybe troublesome to wear. As …

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    The SBL Pick of the Week

    Hello girls! The SBL ‘Pick of the Week’ is back with a sexy bright delight. We took a vote to see which one of our products is the current favourite in office and this week, it’s the Orange Betty Dress that made the cut. We’ve got a whole bunch of reasons why this dress is …

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    DIY: Head Scarves

    The sun shine is back and so get out your bright scarves! Sport your scarf with a twist; wear it as a knotty head gear! Yes, the Head Scarf is a sure shot style statement. Very few dare and flaunt this look. But whoever does it right, makes heads turn. The catch is in selecting …

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    Jackets for Summer???

    Yes Indeed! Jackets will always be a must- have for every season. Yes you read it right: EVERY SEASON! What better way to keep cool and save your skin from getting those sun tan marks we all hate, right? So listen, no need to pack your shrugs, light pullovers and jackets in the winter trunk. …

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    If you have become so obsessed with your summer dresses that you can’t imagine putting it in storage, relax !!We’ll tell you how to convert your favourite summer outfits into sexy fall trends! You know how you have certain things in your closet you want to wear but can’t figure out how! SKINNY JEANS, LEGGINGS …

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    You hate to even talk when you have had a hectic day at office but you can not curb your excitement when a friend calls to catch up. Work hard and party harder is the ultimate chill mantra and women are doing it just right.  Getting success is not just enough for a joyous life. …

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    Won’t you like to show off your bombshell curves? It’s a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. If you’re slim, sporting the peplum will give you the illusion of curves and if you’re a curvy girl it will make your waist appear smaller. Things to keep in mind while wearing a peplum style Wear it …