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    No longer reserved for special occasions, the one-piece is having a major moment this season. Give your hot pants a rest and opt for sleek and sexy summer dresses. Scroll down to shop this summer’s best. It’s time to make these dresses your new carefree capsule. Get Stalking now!   Going all out in thigh- …

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    Secret Styles of a Scarf

    Women love accessories because they know if nothing else works, these little styles surely will. Thanks to scarves, that helps us women anytime anywhere. A simple outfit can look chic in no time just by tying a scarf in a different way. This Italian thing features hand drawn designs. Ever wondered how it came to …

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    Why Friday is the Best day of the week

    Being close to the weekend is such heavenly feeling. Aint it? We’ll give you more reasons to love the upcoming 2 days and chuckle about it already. #1 After a good, hard-working week you get the opportunity and the feel to spend that minted money. Splurge on yourself by going on a good, lavish dinner …

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    We love versatility. And what can be more versatile than a scarf? It’s the easiest way to add interest to any outfit with a pop of texture or colour. There are over a 100 ways of wearing them – over your head, around your neck, and even around your waist for that extra oomph factor! …

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    DIY: Head Scarves

    The sun shine is back and so get out your bright scarves! Sport your scarf with a twist; wear it as a knotty head gear! Yes, the Head Scarf is a sure shot style statement. Very few dare and flaunt this look. But whoever does it right, makes heads turn. The catch is in selecting …

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    Are you searching for something that appears to be too lost but wait what is that exactly? We don’t know! Welcome home beautiful souls, let’s go on a thought journey, grab my hand! The moment you know ‘where you’re, you immediately get to know if it’s right or not. It’s an in built system, we …