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    When you think Pastel, you think sugary sweetness, cotton candy, sherbet and other confectionery goodness. What better way to sweeten your Summer Wardrobe than to add a splash of pastel! From Lavender to Turquoise and from Mint to Lemon yellow, cool down with refreshing shades that can be mixed and matched with so much ease. …

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    High waisted skirts not only appeal to women of all ages , but also to women of all shapes. It looks sophisticated, slimming cut that shields the navel, hides unwanted bulges, and cinches the midsection, bringing out your inner retro bombshell. High waisted styles work on everyone. With this fabulous number, the outfit possibilities are …

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    Denim Party

    Invariably, the one wardrobe essential since forever has been denims. Each of us owns that one pair we’d never give/throw away, the one pair we’d always bank of for uplifting a regular top, the one pair that makes our legs look like never before or the simple plain denim book rule that saves us from …

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    Back Stage

    With summer almost fully here, we know it won’t take much for us girls to switch from your jackets and coats, to the sleeveless tops and low backs. But let’s take a minute and see what’s new this summer? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the experimental sheer, low, racy and even lacy backs. Check …

  • Deep Red Feather Earrings
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    Dangling Feathers

    The thing about summer/resort wear is that the color, fabrics, textures are all so lively. They represent free spirit, celebration, and of course, fashion that not only feels great, but also looks amazing. This season, we’re all experimenting with that one inhibition we had, and letting go. Enter: feathers. With a smaller niche segment of …

  • Jennifer Aniston Departs From Heathrow Airport
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    A Blazing Story

    Time after time, we’ve seen celebrity stylists and designers re-inventing the ways in which we can wear the jackets, coats, blazers, even coatees. This time around, a major trend spotted over the fashion weeks has been that of layering. Layers in summer, you ask? Fear not, we’re talking no-lining, free flowing, soft fabric layers. Take …

  • priyanka chopra in vibrant pants feature image
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    Girl In The Colored Pants

    Priyanka Chopra started off her career as a model and Miss World, went on to be one of the finest actors of Bollywood and after identifying herself as an international music artist, has gone onto becoming synonymous with all kinds of entertainment in general. She recently made waves with her casual chic look when she …

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    White Wash

    The one color that’s the toughest to get over is the color white. Worn from the red carpets to ramps, the parties to the dates, everything can be painted white – what’s not to love? Don’t miss the fact that the plain white tee, or as they usually stack up for the formal meetings, the …