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    Trendy bags of Spring/Summer 2016

    Is an outfit anything without a bit of accessories? Surely not, it creates boredom. Accessories are the focal point. A young woman cannot live without the most important thing known as her bag. Have you ever seen her leaving the house empty handed? Not, because her bag is her mate and what it comprises of …

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    Some Love and Skirts

    The month of love has begun and we are just 3 days away from that special day of your life. Whether you are in a relationship or not, still Valentine’s is one day, where we all girls love to be pampered. We know you want to put a little extra effort for him so that …

  • black and white
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    Black & White & Chic All Over

    Ever been invited for an event where the dress code stated Smart Casuals? Have you ever spent hours wondering what to wear to strike the perfect balance between formals and casuals? Smart casual is just a polite way of saying, “dressy attire for this event isn’t required, but please don’t wear what you would to …

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    Floral is a classic print trend that looks really feminine. It can easily be dressed up and made to look more sophisticated. There are some fashion trends that never go outdated. While their craze may face a little up and down in some seasons, they keep coming back over and over. Floral prints are one …

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    Ethnic Armcandy

    No girl can refuse a good looking piece of fashion; be it clothes, jewelry or simply a small accessory. The amazing thing about looking around and keeping an eye open for latest trends is the access and ability to experiment. We always say this: experiment, experiment, experiment. But what about the safe zone? Going into …

  • jessica_alba_3
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    Whoever said scarves were synonymous with only winter was definitely extremely last season. We don’t know whether it’s the global warming, or simply the treacherous sun that we desperately want to stay away from; but this summer/resort, scarves have taken on the red carpets like nobodies’ business. natural amoxicillin Here are some of our favorite …

  • secret_garden_charm_necklace_silver
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    Summer Calls For Light Jewelry

    Summer equals light clothes, make up and jewelry. You want to look stylish, but not overdone. With a tasteful eye for style, you can add glamor to any look with a simple one or two accessories. That’s why we’ve got for you some cute and simple pendants that we think will make you look uber …

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    Summer’s getting closer and the fashions are obviously changing. Going over from winter to summer, everything is getting more colorful, girlier and of course, shorter. So this Tuesday what we’ve got for you is something each of your wardrobes have to have this season: you guessed it right, shorts! Have a look at some of …