One style that is recently trending – and it’s everyone’s favourite – is the crop top. But let’s be honest, some of us are a little wary of the crop tops cause just like every other style, we feel the average crop top doesn’t really do much for us. The styling, the cut, the tummy, all of it comes to mind when you’re trying one on.

But the key to killing the crop top trend is not by endlessly trying them on until you reach the perfect one, but by understanding which kind of crop tops suit your body type and what to wear them with. So here’s a guide on which type of crop tops suit which body shape. Game on Crop Top, we’re about to own your ass!

1. Curvy:

If you’re one of those lucky women who are super curvy, you’re one up on the rest of us already because crop tops are the best way to show off your gorgeous assets. Kim Kardashian, the poster girl for crop tops for curvy women, may have a bunch of stylists picking out her ensembles but keep the below pointers in mind next time and you’ll nail the trend too.

  • It’s essential to pick a well fitted crop top, one that is neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Pick a crop top that fits at your natural waist i.e the slimmest part of your waist.
  • If opting for a skirt, pick one that fits you at your natural waist. The same would be applied if you’re opting for pants.  By doing this, you are slimming your waist further and accentuating your curves.
  • If you’re tall, make sure the body con dresses, hits just below the knee for longer look. However, if you’re vertically challenged, we’d suggest opting for a skirt that ends above the knee.

2. Athletic:

Women who have been athletes all their life or at least have an athletic build, well you can be rest assured that you can’t really go wrong with crop tops. Miley Cyrus dons crop tops with attitude and it’s absolutely amazing to see what wonders she creates. If you have an athletic frame, you can always get better at styling crop tops by understanding what really works for you.

  • Slightly loose crop tops suit athletic women who have a toned mid riff.
  • For a max chic look, opt for a midi length crop top, one that is longer than the ‘right under the bra’ styles and pair it with shorts or jeans.
  • For more definition, pair a midi length crop top that is slightly loose with high waist shorts.
  • Your body type is perfect for crop tops because you have sorted out a trouble area which is the mid riff section. So let loose and have fun with pants, skirts, shorts and the works to nail this look.

3. Long and Lean:

You’re long, you’re lean and well, we’re bloody jealous. If you look like the Bad Blood girl, Taylor Swift, we give you a slow clap. But our envy aside, women with this kind of body shape have it a little easier at the crop top game than the rest of us and it’s great what all you can do to enjoy crop tops to the fullest.

  • Opt for a crop top that ends at your natural waist and a bottom whose waist ends a little lower. Showing 3-4 inches of your sexy waist will flatter your already slender frame.
  • A midi length skirt that falls right below the knee is a great choice because it streamlines the eye from head to toe. Go for a funky printed or colourful crop top to have some extra fun.
  • For taller women, opt for skirts or bottoms in a solid colour, maybe a black or something neutral like that cause it creates an illusion of minimizing height. You still look long and lean but not so much.
  • All kind of fits in crop tops be it a lose one or a figure hugging one will suit this body type. The real magic happens when you pair it up.

4. Rectangular:

Your geometric figure isn’t a call of concern when it comes to crop tops because all you need is some definition. I mean Gwyneth Paltrow may be straight as an arrow but that woman looks gorgeous cause she knows how to accentuate all that she has. True to our word, we’re going to tell you how to get your crop top freak on if you’re a rectangular delight.

  • Opt for a looser and longer crop top and team it up with skinny jeans to amplify your bust and hips.
  • Go for high waist short or trousers. This will add some much needed definition to your waist and make it look teeny tiny.
  • Because of your shape, shorter crop tops may end up making you look a little boyish so be careful while opting for shorter ones.

5. Inverted triangle:

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, then join the club of countless women whose hips need some much needed attention. With this body type, Vanessa Hudgens has experimented and come a long way since her high school musical days. So, with a body type that’s a little unique, so should your crop top be.

  • Halter tops works best for women with this body type, because the eyes will be drawn to the centre of the neck cause of the diagonal straps.
  • Look for well fitted (read slightly figure hugging) crop tops similar to the halter style because they minimize the width of the chest and torso, while highlighting your waist.
  • Your hips are yummylicious and they need to be noticed. So this look works best when teamed up with a full voluminous skirt that brings the attention to your hips.

6. Pear Shaped:

With those hips in tow, you had better think you’re sexy cause who doesn’t like some nice hip action now and then. Actress, comedian, writer and awesomeness to the power infinity, Mindy Kaling loves her body shape and dresses to impress every single time. The majority of Indian women have this shape and it’s more the reason for all of you out there to experiment with crop tops that suit you.

  • Opt for crop tops that are structured rather than figure hugging or lose.
  • Pick a top that falls on your natural waist, which is the thinnest part of your body and furthermore, pair it up with high waist bottoms to minimize your waist.
  • Colour blocking is a great technique to amplify areas that need some help. Opt for lighter tops to make your upper half appear more expansive.
  • If you’re going for a co-ords pair, opt for a structured piece because they graze your body rather than cling to it.

7. Petite:

To small women everywhere I say, you ain’t short, you’re fun sized! Petite women have a lot of fun with a whole bunch of fashion trends going their way but sometimes it’s all about figuring out the right way to style something, that’s not up your alley, the right way and it’s no different with the crop top.

  • A well structured crop top (like a slightly boxy one) or a well fitted one is always a great choice for this body type
  • You can also reach for a crop top with a lifted hem at the centre to give the illusion of longer legs. I mean say what you may, but we all want longer legs
  • High waist straight pants are a great pick to again give the illusion of length. You should also opt for same coloured shoes which are pointy to add more length to your look.
  • Co-ords are great for petite framed people as the same print on both top and bottoms helps in elongating the frame.

8. Plus Size:

Heads up plus size women. Crop tops should be a part of your wardrobe without a doubt and the longer you take, well the harder it becomes. Take a cue from plus size fashion blogger Gabi Fresh who is killing the crop tops this season.

  • Opt for a well tailored crop top such that you are comfortable with the fit and proportion. You don’t want anything too tight or too loose.
  • A crop top which is short to midi length works well for this body type.
  • Pair it up with a high waist skirt that has a straight cut to accentuate and give definition to your waist.
  • Layering is a great way to draw attention to your midline, thereby having a slimming effect.