The sun shine is back and so get out your bright scarves! Sport your scarf with a twist; wear it as a knotty head gear! Yes, the Head Scarf is a sure shot style statement. Very few dare and flaunt this look. But whoever does it right, makes heads turn. The catch is in selecting the right scarf that contrasts your outfit and then to tie it with sheer neatness.

You can chose to look cool, bold, glamorous or chic by simply tying the scarves differently.

A must-try obsession that we vouch for, it may seem to you like a daunting task to transform the scarf into a new-do. But hell no; it is pretty simple to do it yourself in matter of 5 minutes.

Take a look at these hip looks that you can try on with the Head Scarves.

Our DIY Head Scarves guide will have you tying like a pro in no time. As a beginner, try these 3 super chic styles:

1. The Naughty-Nautical wrap:

Follow these easy-peasy steps to get it right.

Step 1: Fold a light flowy scarf horizontally to make a band (3-4 inches wide)

Step 2: Center the scarf at nape of neck, cover your ears and then tie a knot just above center of your forehead. You can have one-more knot to enhance the look.

Step 3: Take the loose ends behind and tuck it in to get the layered look.

This look is apt for the yacht party or when you hit the beach.


The Twisty-Turban Wrap: 

Get it right the first time with these easy steps:

Step 1:  Center the scarf on your head.

Step 2: Cross the ends at the back of your head and bring the sides over the ears.

Step 3: Bring the ends above center of your forehead and twist it once.

Step 4: Now tuck in both the loose ends together on just one side (start tucking from one year to the nape of your neck and then to your other ear) Then leave the end loose.

This style is sported by most celebs for a glamorous evening look, and now, so will you.


The Bow- Me Wrap:

You will love this look and you will love it all the more once you try it yourself:

Step 1:  Take a small square scarf and fold it diagonally to form a triangle.

Step 2: Center it at the nape of the neck and then pull it over the ears bringing it just above the forehead.

Step 3: Double knot the ends and then slightly tuck in the ends below the band on your head to create a puffy bow.

Your girlfriends will love you in this new look. It’s best for the playful events and outings with your close buddies.

We have tons of new and funky styles up our sleeves (or should we say, around our heads) Show us some love by tweeting in to us at @StalkBuyLove. Maybe that would convince us to share some more…