When we buy products, the one thing we always look into by default is how good the brand is. However, while brands to their best to give us the best of products, we have to do our part to maintain the same. Here are three simple steps that each of us can follow to ensure that our eye make up quality and hygiene is maintained, and to keep our precious eye sight away from nasty infections. Read on to know more:


* A sanitizer mist is a convenient and easy way to clean surfaces of your eye liners. Spritz this onto your pencil, liquid or gel eye liner and let it air dry before use.

* An inexpensive alternative is using 70% rubbing alcohol to clean your eye makeup. Moisten a tissue with rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface of the pencil, liquid, or gel eye liner. Wait until the rubbing alcohol dries completely before use.

* This only applies to pencil eye liners, but the easiest and fastest way to sanitize is by sharpening. Still, make sure your sharpener is wiped down with 70% rubbing alcohol before use.