floral dress
Floral is a classic print trend that looks really feminine. It can easily be dressed up and made to look more sophisticated. There are some fashion trends that never go outdated. While their craze may face a little up and down in some seasons, they keep coming back over and over. Floral prints are one such evergreen trend that with flowery attributes, make their presence in all   seasons. They are ultimate source of inspiration and an excellent way to bring in thing in different ways!

Spring is finally here, and you will find yourself towards these bold blossoms that seem to be popping up on clothing everywhere.

However, there is certainly a wrong way and a right way to rock the floral look. Here are some of the floral fashion do’s and don’ts..

  • Unless you are putting on a dress, ensure your top and bottom must never get the same print. Pair floral tops with dim trousers to look fabulous.
  • Choose floral printed pants based on your size and height. If you are skinny or petite, a smaller, ditzy floral will be most flattering. Larger print works better if you’re taller or plus-size. Keep in mind that bright, bold colors as well as high-contrast color combinations will draw more attention and potentially add more width to the figure, compared with lower contrast,darker or more tonal combinations.
  • The key to making florals look modern is to not to do florals head to toe and keep it low key-nothing over the top. The dress will speak for itself.
  • Don’t ever wear two types of floral patterns. The whole floral on floral look is not a look-it’s a sartorial disaster.
  • Go edgy. Give your floral look an edgier vibe by pairing floral with tougher accessories. For example, combine a floral dress with a cool leather jacket.
  • High – heeled sandals and claasic pumps can take a floral print dress out on the town for the evening to a dress-up affair.
  • Floral print dresses that have strong patterns, simple jewelry is always a good choice. A vintage silver locket would be a great compliment to a floral dress. When selected earrings, understated silver studs or gold studs may work well, although more ornate earrings with matching colors can also add visual appeal.
  • One way to add pop and contrast to a dress, while adding definition to a look, is by wearing a belt. For multi-colored dresses, women should choose a belt that matches one of the colors in their dress.

Hope you girls enjoyed the post!

Love and hugs!