Makeup is the most confusing thing when you’re a beginner. It’s fun! But can be overwhelming when there’s a gazillion makeup products to choose from. Don’t you worry girlies! We give you a head-start on the must have essentials. So take out your pen and start making notes.


makeup kit


  1. BB Cream

We suggest trying out a BB cream before jumping into the realm of foundation. BB, or “beauty balm,” creams provide light coverage and don’t feel heavy like some foundations can. Overall, they’re a good way to allow your skin to get used to the feel of wearing makeup.

  1. Lip Balm

Girls! Balm is important for the health and moisture of your lips. When starting out with makeup, we suggest purchasing a lip balm that’s similar to your natural lip colour. Always, always carry it with you.

  1. Lipstick

For a makeup beginner, lipstick is probably the easiest way to really play with different colours and looks. There are a variety of finishes and shades to choose from, and really, it’s all about experimenting!

  1. Eye Liner

An eyeliner will add drama to your eye and is the perfect product to take your look from day to night. It’s a woman’s best friend.

  1. Kohl Pencil

Kohl pencils can intensify any look and really make your eyes pop. You can use black to add a sultry and smokey effect to your look or brown for every day definition.


makeup tips

If you have some extra time in hand, then you must use these too.

  1. Concealer

Even if you’re hesitant about using face makeup for the first time, a concealer is a must. Concealers contain more pigment than foundation and allow you to cover up things like dark circles or any unwanted blemishes.

  1. Blush

Blush, when applied correctly, adds life to your face. A good way to choose a perfect blush is to select a color that mimics your natural flush. If you want to experiment with different colors, you should keep your skin tone in mind.

  1. Brushes

Any makeup product can look good with the right tools. Having good quality brushes is essential if you really want your makeup to apply correctly and stay looking good throughout the day.

  1. Foundation

For a more defined skin tonne, you apply foundation after concealer. It’s a must for longer duration of makeup.

  1. Eye Shadow

In general, light shades should be applied to your lid, inner corner and brow bone, medium shades to the crease, and dark shades to the outer corner and lower lashline. Experiment with the lovely variety of colours.