After careful consideration, ideation (it took a while to narrow it down to one) and a whole lot of angst (tensions run high at our office cause everyone has a favorite), we bring to you our Pick of the Week! This week we present to you a personal favourite and the one that won by a unanimous vote *drum roll* – ‘The Blue Stripe Love Dress’

You might wonder what the fuss is all about, but if you stopped to read about our crowned jewel of the week, you owe it to yourself to know why we’re super stoked about this dress. So below are the only 2 REASONS you NEED to know why this dress deserves a place in your wardrobe.

Stop in the name of STRIPES!
With stripes ruling the streets and the runways in Milan, London and New York, it’s no surprise that this classic print has revamped its charm for the Spring Summer of 2015.  Now just because I said classic, doesn’t mean boring. It’s just the opposite this season with designers and fashionistas putting a boat load of time on experimenting with stripes in all directions, colours and weight. Check out how the runway was ablaze with stripes this season.

You may be a non-believer in the power of the good old stripes, but with it trending like wild fire this season, it’s hard to not keep up. The ease with which you can team this must-have trend with bold patterns and colours makes it the ultimate ‘I can’t have enough of these’ kind of apparel.

Feeling the Summer Blues:
At StalkBuyLove, we believe that colours speak to us in small ways. It explains why on some days we’re ready to rock a hot rod red but on the next, a smooth grey delights our heart’s strings. With blue as one of the leading colours for the womens collection for Spring Summer 2015, this restful baby blue is a sight for sore eyes, especially as it colours your curves in the hues of summertime madness. Couture took a turn for the blue and the better this season.

This season, enjoy the spirit of stripes with our Blue Love Stripe Dress as much as we have and strut your gorgeous behind with the world’s oomph in your pocket. So come on and carry forth the torch of stylish women everywhere you lovely people. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.”