Rachel Zane looks absolutely stunning in her pencil skirts, pant suits and dresses every single time she appears on screen. Without a doubt, the woman has her fashion game on and her style quotient is one that is influencing how many women are viewing their otherwise boring work wear. Rachel shows how office wear doesn’t need to be drab and monotonous. So here’s 3 style tips from the wardrobe of Rachel Zane.

The Classic Button Down shirt is a boon:
Rachel Zane in many episodes is just seen in button down shirts that we all have in our closet and makes us wonder why we don’t look that amazing in it. The secret behind this is to get well fitting shirts that don’t make you look baggy. All you need to do once you’ve got the fit right is to pop the collar, roll up the sleeves and accentuate with delicate necklaces.


Monochrome magic:
She does this one really well and many a times with different textures which make the whole ensemble just gush with awesomeness. The plus side of dressing in one colour is that it has a slimming effect visually, so not only do you look amazingly on trend, but also a tad bit slimmer. Now who doesn’t want that?


Printed top are the next big thing:
Just because you work in a formal set up does not mean that you need to dress up in dull, dark colours. Nor does it mean you need to ditch the printed parade. We aren’t saying go out there and don’t the next hot pink floral print in the board meeting, but you can definitely play around with small designs in subdued colours. Just make sure that the print size and colour flatter your figure.

So get out of your office wardrobe comfort zone and experiment a little. These are the prime years of your life and it’s no point making all that money when you’re not going to spend a little on yourself to look super hot. So, the next time you’re contemplating what to wear to work, think about what Rachel Zane would pick.