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    We all tend to unconsciously live by a set of pre-existing beauty rules, buying new products that fit the bill and staying within our comfort zones. After all, no one wants to mess with their natural skin and hair. But ladies, it’s time to burst some myths as beauty waits for no man’s rules.   …

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    BEAUTY Make-up


    Nothing is more attractive and sexy than a drop-dead gorgeous pout created by your favourite lipstick. It’s actually more than just a pretty pout, of course. True beauty comes from within. Lipsticks just adds a little sass. And confidence. And colour. And glamour. Forget what we just said, lipsticks are always a good idea! So, …

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    BEAUTY Hair


    It’s the season of lush greenery and hot salty food while enjoying the pouring rain. We personally love the hot coffee and captivating book combo. But one big con of monsoon is- damaged hair! Love, we totally get it! But you don’t have to fret about it, with us, by your side. Here are some …

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    BEAUTY Make-up


    Your makeup got smudged during the sudden rains? We have all been there. We all know that it gets quite difficult to keep up with a beauty regime come monsoon time. Ladies, it is essential to keep your makeup light and balanced for this season. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you look …

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    BEAUTY Make-up


    Trying to figure out what makeup brush to use and for what? Don’t worry girl! You are not the only one. We find ourselves lost too. So, here’s the ultimate guide to the types of makeup brushes to use and for what purpose.   Eye Blending Brush As the name suggests, this brush is used …

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    Say Goodbye to the Hangnail

    You may feel that you have to run to a pro every time you get some dry skin around your nails, but with the right care, your cuticles can be low-maintenance and totally hangnail-free. Read on: 1. Before caring for your cuticles, take your nail polish off so that your nails can breathe and your surrounding skin can …

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    Flaunt Those Long Locks

    If you have long hair and are bored of wearing it the same old way, here are a few runway inspired tips to help you mix it up and make an impression: If a pony is your g’o-to’ hairdo, dress it up with some mini braids. No fancy fishtailing shenanigans here: simply create a center …

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    De-Puff Your Eyes

    Between holiday travelling, eating, drinking, and socializing we’re not looking as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as we’d like. When the going gets rough and the skin gets puffy, you may be tempted to shell out for the latest de-puffing cream in the hopes that it’ll get your eye area back on track. Thankfully, there are a bunch …