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    Feroza Shaikh is a certified make-up artist and a stylist. When it comes to beauty and fashion, she is unbeatable. She also conducts workshops regularly for image consultancy and grooming. In this post, we get close and personal with her about her likes and preferences. Read on to find out more about this diva.   …

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    Hand It Over

    Let’s be honest, what you carry says a lot about who you are and how you are. More so, what you carry inside your purse speaks volumes. So ladies, the next time you’re stepping out of the house preparing to make a super stylish statement, stop in front of the mirror and think over what …

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    While peplums are a hot trend this season with designers showcasing their own, interesting twists to the style and everything, we couldn’t resist offering a similar spread to you either! Go crazy with the choices you’ve got; take a look: ciprofloxacin hcl 500 mg tab   * Click on images for product information

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    Fashionably Fit

    Girls are a very conscious breed; conscious of what we wear, what we eat, how we’re seen in public, how we like our things, etc etc etc. So while we’re working out and getting our body right, we almost always do look in to what we’re going to be wearing. To keep your body in …

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    Breaking Conventions

    Breaking conventions has been a habit of kinds when it comes to our new-age generation. We like experimentng beyond the ordinary and love to try out new cuts, styles, looks and even genres of fashion. While we often go through phases and break out the clutter in our own little ways, there are times we …

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    It’s always tough to pick between a fitted, slim & sexy look and the loose, casual, more girlnextdoor one. Well, you won’t have to pick at all when you see our newest range of dresses! They keep your upper body looking slim, sexy and up to the look you want with your waist downs looking …

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    The Sling Slang

    Be it the American shows or our own desi way of depicting college going girls, the best accessory has always been the sling bag. Sling bags are an Oh-So-Convenient means of wearing your style in a manner that’s convenient to carry around your most needed products. Make sure you stack up what you need the most! Here’s …

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    The Egyptian Way

    Move over dear trends, what’s rocking the ramps this season seems to be the new look – the Egyptian look. With jewelry, prints, bags and cuts; all making waves and building tides that look great Egyptian style, it’s time you, too, experimented with this look. Opt for golds, stripes, chunky, printed jewelry; it’s pretty simple …

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    D For Denim

    The one classic element that of your wardrobes can rely on at any given point of time is a pair of simple denims. Adding the dash of denim to your look with pants or a jacket is the more seen, more conventional way of doing it. But for those of you who are willing to …