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    FASHION Tuesday Treat

    Casual & Chic

    Get your toes in the popular pre-fall colour- Dusty Rose and look fab.The colour is quite popular amongst the babes of sbl and looks flattering on all body types. Give this colour a go, girl!   Give an added kick to your style with Rose Prism Top. When heading out for fun, keep your look …

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    B For Basics

    Neutral colours are something each fashion girl has to have in her wardrobe. Be it through her garments, accessories or bags, you know you must have something or the other that you can pick out and match with any look – simply for the love of flexibility. Here’s an inspirational look we’ve put together that …

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    Cowl Tops

    The backs and fronts of tops are now getting super glamified with the help of the retro trend: cowls. They’re great to wear to work, for a formal look as also for a casual evening or night out. Make sure you have your set of these! A little style tip: avoid too many layers and …

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    One of the most neglected parts of an outfit’s styling, the backs are finally beginning to get noticed! With deep, scooped and netted backs coming into vogue right from the 60’s you know you’re going to pay more attention to detail during your next purchase! Here are some options for you, back-to-back: *Click on the …

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    Monday Morning No Blues

    Start of your week with easy, chic prints and bottoms that you know look super stylish and still stand out. Make sure you team up this look with a basic, nude lipstick and mascara’d eyes. Early Monday morning and you’re running late? Don’t worry about it: take a two minute break before the door and …

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    Day at Work

    A simply printed tank top can do wonders with the right accessories and fashion support system. Think a high ponytail, with high-waist pants and a gorgeous tote. Spelling out the fashionista’s choice, aren’t we? *Click on the images for product information.

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    Flirty Lips

    A little bit of mid-week flirtation is amazing. And no, we’re not talking about your boy, we’re referring to your wardrobe. It’s time to upped your game with prints, and in sync with summer’s favorite ‘kissie lips!’ Here’s a look we put together for you, so you know you can pull it off, going easy …

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    Dual Tone Tops

    Color blocks have a whole new meaning in our fashion-dictionaries: it’s time to loosen the palette and make statements with it on the same piece, and our classic dual-tone shirts are quite the example! *Click on the images for product information.

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    Belts & Cinches

    Belts and elastic cinches are the best ways to add dimension to your look! Keep it contrasting, avoid going all-matching and don’t forget to keep the palette of your bag and heels in mind, too. *Click on the images for product information.