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  • vishwa
    FASHION Sunday Star

    A Cup Of Vish

    Vishwa Bhavsar, founder of the blog ‘A cup of vish’, is a fun-loving & fashion forward girl who likes to try new trends but in a minimalistic approach. She strongly believes that she can’t survive without fashion! We love her outlook and her passion for all things beautiful. Here’s a snippet from our conversation with …

  • shreya
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Shreya Kalra

    Shreya Kalra is a firm believer in the power of good outfits. She usually tops it off with a healthy dose of madness! Just kidding!! We absolutely love her style. Get to know more about this fashion influencer here: Favourite fashion designer and why: Current favourite would be the Gvasalia Brothers who started the label …

  • sejal
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Sejal Kumar

    If you aren’t yet following the popular fashion influencer Sejal Kumar on Instagram, you are missing out! Luckily, we got the amazing opportunity to get candid with this popular you-tuber as she opened up about her favourites. Read on to find about more about her. Favourite fashion designer and why: Sabyasachi for his epic bridal collections! …

  • mehak
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Mehak Sharma

    Mehak Sharma is surfing on the waves of life, in wanderlust and an insurmountable love for fashion. She is full of passion & energy, with an eye for quirky creativity. One must try her blog ‘Shades of Moon’ for some freshness and insight. Here’s what we found out about her. Favourite fashion designer and why: …

  • niharika
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Beautiful You

    Niharika Agarwal extends her love to all things gorgeous and we extend our love to her. She is a fashion blogger who loves experimenting and exploring and with different things. Recently, we got the amazing opportunity to talk to her. Read on to know what we found about her.   Favourite fashion designer and why: …

  • surbhi
    FASHION Sunday Star

    The Fashion Flite

    Surbhi Suree, the owner of the blog- The Fashion Flite, admits to having the desire to dress up and experiment the other side of fashion which people are usually afraid to try. We highly recommend her as your go-to gal for all things bright, bold and fancy. Surbhi is a chameleon when it comes to …

  • 03
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Megha Bajaj

    Megha Bajaj is one fashion blogger who is a big workaholic but in her free time, she enjoys travelling and watching movies. She insists that she can’t live without music and fashion and these two are her life lines. We got up and personal with the Diva for a special interview recently. Read on to …

  • 03
    FASHION Sunday Star

    Style Refinery

    A fashion stylist and a brand consultant, Divya Maben has an eye for chic style. Apart from being a big animal lover, she is a big foodie and a travel lover. Thus naturally, her blog gives the whole package! Read on to know more about the Diva.   Favourite fashion designer and why: Stella McCartney! …

  • 02
    FASHION Sunday Star


    Maia Sethna is not only a recognized blogger, but also a model, actor and a business woman. She has already achieved a lot more than people her age usually do and yet she insists that she still has a long way to go. She continues to say that how one dresses should be an extension …