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    FASHION Life Hacks

    Declutter Your Wardrobe

    Do you ever find yourself staring at your closet full of clothes and feeling like you’ve got absolutely nothing to wear? Here’s the truth: You don’t need more clothing. You need less! Your wardrobe should reflect the classy, independent woman that you are. It’s time to declutter your life as well as your closet, girls. Here …

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    FASHION Life Hacks

    How to style your LBD

    We all have that one Little Black Dress, and now it’s time to spice it up for all sorts of occasions. You can dress it up for a formal dinner or dress it down for a casual Sunday outing. It’s the ultimate basic staple to have in your wardrobe!   Belt it Create waist definition or add …

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    FASHION Life Hacks


    The last F in BFF doesn’t always mean forever. Bummer! We all have a friend, we lost along the way. This friendship day, take a step forward in mending these broken relations and start afresh.    Let the dust settle first If the argument was recent, allow some time for the psychological wounds to heal. …

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    FASHION Life Hacks


    Want to look thinner without going to the gym? Of course you do! There are lots of ways to look instantly appealing without a dangerous crash diet or kill-me-now workouts. We demonstrate the easiest ways to flatter your figure this summer. It won’t even require much of your effort or money.   The easiest way …

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    Date Night

    Chic, stylish and very feminine. A dash of a sexy, vibrant colour and you’re good to go – that’s our formula for the perfect date night look. Wondering how to go about it? Take a look below: *Click the images for product information.

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    Power Suiting

    Leave your pants, shirts and jackets aside, it’s time to power dress with dresses and jackets. Pair up your contrasting colours and make sure your looks speak volumes for themselves. Pink, black and white is of course our favourite combination <3 *Click on the images for product information.

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    Aliaa Bhatt | Get the look

    Blazers and cute tops – the perfect combination when you’re aiming at getting the girly, girl next door look but are stepping into the power dressing mode. We got inspired by one of Aliaa Bhatt’s recent appearances and we can’t help but put together a little inspiration for you as well: *Click on the images …

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    Prints' Mash

    Apart from trending big time  this season, prints are making waves and statement, galore. What’s working for prints is that the colors, shapes and vibrancy of them is simply picking pace with the current fashion moods. Here are a couple of quick fix tips for you to keep in mind when you’re putting together your prints-y look: …

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    Tress Tales

    Gone are the days when perfect hair seemed like a surreal myth. Here are a few DIY tips to get the healthiest tresses: – Apple cider vinegar is an inexpensive way to boost shine and remove product build-up. Shampoos, conditioners and styling products high in alkaline can build up on hair over time, coating strands and …