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    Introducing Office Wear

    Every weekday brings with it the most dreaded phrase for girl bosses: What do I wear to work today? What constitutes acceptable office wear is a confusing area and baffles most of us. Is it all black, grey or white? Is purple an acceptable colour? Can I wear top to bottom sequins at the office party?  …

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    FASHION Life Hacks

    Boss Girl

    Unleash your inner goddess, sweeties. You were born to be a queen-the boss girl! Shred that fake princess skin and take your rightful place in the world. Up your office style with SBL.   Fulfil your dreams Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or to wake up and chase them. …

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    Archive Style Guide

    ‘Legging’ it to Work

    If your workplace is very dressy, leggings might not be the best choice. But, if your workplace is a little more on the casual side, leggings are okay – if worn correctly. Just remember, leggings are not pants. Option 1 – For wearing leggings to work, consider wearing them with a dress. Pair them with a pair of …