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    Denim + Lace

    Of all the unique style combinations in the world, something that matches pretty and tough remarkably is the denim and lace combination. Personally, we love how there’s a sense of balance in such a look and how with so much ease, you can transform these looks from one style to another. We’re put together a …

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    Deals Of The Day

    One of the best things about online shopping is the fact that you never have to try too hard to look around, and find yourself the best deals. You could be sitting on your computer, laptop, cell phone or iPad at home and buying the most fashionable items in the world, right? So we bring …

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    City Girl Style

    Utility. Style. Sexy. Chic. Glamorous. Have we described the perfect look for the city girl to the T, or what? While city girls may be very very style conscious, they’re all also very sensible with what you can and cannot wear around the city on a daily basis. (of course, you know best!) We’ve picked …

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    Colour Blocking Tips

    Colour Blocking is the recent trend which has become quite popular on the fashion runways in India and abroad. The Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker sported a red top with hot pink pants and looked nothing less than a diva. This season is the perfect time to play with colours. Whether you …

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    Girly Outfits

    Stylish, feminine and very very us. There’s something so cute about bright pops, happy prints and cuts that accentuate the right things about us. We always list out our top favourites, and this time is no different – make sure you have a look: *Click on the images for product information.

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    Black Beauty

    Of course we love colour, but let’s face it: there’s nothing quite like black. Black looks are one of the most easy make shift outfits, that are super simple to flex between day to night, party to work, so on and so forth. Make sure you check out some of our favourite, sexy picks: *Click …

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    Blue Lovin’

    When it comes to the colour Blue, there really isn’t much to say. We’ve all loved the colour at some point of time, and albeit it isn’t great to obsess about a particular palette, this one’s been in our top three for decades now. What have we got in store for you today? Take a …

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    Peaches And Reds

    There’s something gorgeous about contrasts, they bring a look alive to the fullest. And by that, all I mean is that you have to make sure your colours blend in well and that you can pull it off with ease. Always ensure that the colour palette you’ve picked out for yourself is easy on the …

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    Crop Top | Celeb Style

    DIYs aren’t restricted to just creating your own craft, but also to help you up your style quotient from time to time. We love spotting celebrities to show you how you can get similar looks, naturally, we’re always updated. Here’s bringing to you the trend report from the crop tops – take a look at …

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    OOTD | Wednesday Hearts

    Open backs may be an old story now, but great cut outs in pretty patterns is something we don’t see ourselves getting over in a long time. We’re talking about these adorable heart backs, to go with the cutest skater skirts! Take a peek and give the look a go: *Click on the images for …