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    What to wear this Valentine’s Day

    We believe that #LoveIsNotLimited and Valentine’s Day goes beyond relationships or colours. It is one day where you can out on your cutest dress and hit the streets without judgement. Whether you are going out with your girlfriends or bae, here are five trendy colours and styles for the day of love. Black can be anything …

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    Denim + Lace

    Of all the unique style combinations in the world, something that matches pretty and tough remarkably is the denim and lace combination. Personally, we love how there’s a sense of balance in such a look and how with so much ease, you can transform these looks from one style to another. We’re put together a …

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    OOTD | Wednesday Hearts

    Open backs may be an old story now, but great cut outs in pretty patterns is something we don’t see ourselves getting over in a long time. We’re talking about these adorable heart backs, to go with the cutest skater skirts! Take a peek and give the look a go: *Click on the images for …

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    OOTD | Girlie Lovin’

    Every girl needs to let her hair down on a weekend or a day off, when she can simply go back to feeling like a teeny bopper and go easy chic on her cuts, fits and layers. Pair up a cute corset0buster with a flouncy skirt – feel the difference with this ensemble on you; …

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    OOTD | Feeling Vesty

    Denim is that one fabric you know you’ve always got to have enough of in your wardrobe. Be it in the form of bottoms, tops or layers. We picked a super cute, pink piece of denims with this studded bottom piece and paired it together for a casual yet rocker chic kind of look. Channel …

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    OOTD | Contrasts

    We’re pretty used to pairing up colours that we know have been conventionally accepted for the longest time, but what about the lesser used shades being pair up together? A shade of lilac well teamed with the classic black, now there’s a combination not too many people may have tried. Here’s some super style inspiration …

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    OOTD | Cropped Midis

    Crop tops and midis are two of the biggest current trends ruling the ramps right now, and we’re naturally going to help you amp your wardrobes with the same. Here’s a super stylish look we put together for our favourite fashion girls – take a peek! *Click on the images for product information.

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    B For Basics

    Neutral colours are something each fashion girl has to have in her wardrobe. Be it through her garments, accessories or bags, you know you must have something or the other that you can pick out and match with any look – simply for the love of flexibility. Here’s an inspirational look we’ve put together that …

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    An Evening Out | OOTD

    An evening or night out would typically mean elegant dresses, darker paletters and gorgeous accessories. We absolutely dig a pair of heels that bring out the feminine side of your look, and at the same time, it’s great to be conventional from time to time. For the same, here’s a little inspiration – have a …

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    Formal OOTD | Pencil Skirts And More

    Pencil skirts, the colour blue and a bag that fits the essentials and more – here are things you know you must have at all times; your formal look is absolutely incomplete without these three, and naturally, we’ve put together some style inspiration for you <3 *Click on the images for product information.