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    FASHION Sunday Star


    Fashion and lifestyle blogger Jas Sagu AKA womaniloveyou is our #bloggerboss this International Women’s Day. We catch up with her to talk shop, her favourite designers and the one place she would travel back in time to.   Describe yourself in two lines:         Free-spirited and insightful are some of the words that …

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    FASHION Friday Fashion Finds

    Party With Prints

    Florals and other prints are said to be the fashion trends for spring and summer, but we are all for breaking rules and stereotypes. We strongly believe that festive holiday fashion is all about being unique and standing out in creative prints. We feel one cannot bind print to a specific season or even a …

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    Show And Hide

    You show some, you hide some, there isn’t really much fun in picking one side from the two. Sheer is an ideal way of pulling off some skin show if you’re too conscious or are feeling confused. Midis, for us, are the best option. We love pairing up our midis with crop tops, shirts, short …

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    Leopard Details

    A bustier can look steaming hot inside, or outside, a particular look. With the overall outfit we’ve put together now, we’re taking it the peek-a-boo style! A semi-sheer layer with a little denim bralet, teamed with a cut-off lotus skirt. The ideal combination, isn’t it? You can wear this look to a night out – …

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    Co Ords

    A matchy set that makes your look complete is something we all love. They could be identical prints, a set of colours, a well paired contrast; in short, it’s almost like a suit, something we insist you must put on together. While the rest of the world is crushing over this trend, we are too, …

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    Print On Print

    Mix it all up, this is a time where there are no rules in fashion! Mix your prints, textures and layers because if there’s anything that’s big this season, it’s how you accessorise yourself! Go funky with this look <3 *Click on the images for product information.

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    Dimensions With Prints

    A flat look is boring, and solids can be like that sometimes. Make sure you add pops of prints to your look from time to time, something you know you’ll love yourself for investing in! Throw in a dash of these gorgeous, printed numbers from our newest range and you’ll know for sure that you …

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    P + B + W

    One of our favourite all time colour combinations is that of pink, black and white. The colour scheme has the right balance of edgy, girlie and smart-talk. This look is doing all the talking for us; what do you think? *Click on the images for product information.

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    OOTD | Femine Meets Androgyny

    While we do stand behind the mantra that you can never go wrong with a feminine look, we also believe in hints of experimenting; and so we did. We put together this girlie top and the printed loose pants to create a chic, rugged look. Play up this pretty top with messy hair and bold …

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    Polka Dots Meet Digital Print

    Wondering how to mix prints and make it look pleasing to the eyes? Take two prints from different families and club them together. Add it all up with some bright, popping make up and throw on those gorgeous heels – you’re good to go! *Click on the images for product information.