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    Hair Trends SS’ 17

    Surely, there was an unmistakable quality of force and certainty when it went to the hair. Gelled wet-look bolts and slicked-back organized styles shone splendidly and oozed female strengthening. Different designers took motivation from past decades, most quite the 80s, with power twists and 70s-style shags having a minute backstage. Elsewhere in the world, short …

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    OOTD | Skater Girl

    Volume, longer legs, and well toned ones, too – these are some of the reasons why you should wear a skater skirt, and own a couple, too! We paired up this mint green one with a plain white tank to give you the feel of the look – make sure you throw on some gold …

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    Dotted Thursday

    The weekend is just another day away, and we’re feeling rather dotty! The retro vibe we’re feeling today has transpired into our outfit of the day, and the colour palette is all so monochrome! Natural eye make up, nude footwear and your natural waves, and you know you’re prepped up for the weekend to come! …

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    Retro Rule

    We love retro, ergo, we love polka dots! There’s nothing quite like a little bun with a stylish bouffant and a dotted look; so this time we’re aiming at showing you some inspiration for the same! *Click on the images for product information.

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    The Neon Glow

    The days may have grown shorter and nights longer this season, but that gives you all the more chance to bring out the bright colours and shine in the crowd. Bright neons and fluorescents are all the rage these days. In Greek, the word neon translates to “new one”. Circa 1898, neon was discovered and …

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    Ke$ha Shocks Us Like Never Before

    We all know that Ke$ha isn’t exactly known for her classy, understated red-carpet style. From hot-mess hair to studded everything, she’s all about going all out and shocking the world. Ke$ha sobered down and shocked us the most at the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards. Yes, she actually wore pink and kept it simple. What’s great about this outfit …