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    Lace Yourself

    Elegance never goes out of style. And to prove this, we’ve pulled out our favourite fabric, the lace, Queen of ’em all, to show you the kind of looks you can put together. We’ve opted for pink details on this one, pulling in metallic accents through the jewellery. You can put together a similar look …

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    Shorts For Monsoons

    One of the most inconvenient things about the monsoons is the muck! We have having out pretty bottoms dirty, but at no cost are we willing to say good bye to style! And so, we’re giving you a little mid-way style advice: pair up your adorable tops with shorts that will make your legs look …

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    Hello Thursday!

    You’re just another corner away from the weekend, you should be picking something bright and happy to get you in the mood! We love this pink and yellow combination – what colour mood are you in today? *Click on the images for product information.  

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    Day To Night

    Any look can be taken from day to night if it’s stylish enough to go throughout the day, and comfortable enough to make you not crib. You need to remember that your colors need to be carefully picked and your make up needs to be well settled and not touch-up hassle oriented. Here’s something we …

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    Did We Hear Chevron Stripes?

    Let go of the simpler prints and take on a challenge this season! It’s time you got inspired by the fashion weeks some more and opted for a print that will reflect you. Take a peek into our collection of chevron stripes: *Click on the images for product information.  

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    Mid Week Formals

    There’s a meeting, presentation or if you’re simply prepping for an occasion, you know you need to look your best. Pick out your pastels and throw on your cigarette pants, look stylish with your basics. Here’s a look we put together to help you put your outfit together: *Click on the images for product information.

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    Formal Friday With Digital Prints

    There’s nothing quite like a digital print to up your game on the fashion-circuit! You can team up a multi-colored skirt with the forever classic: black. Keep your hand-carry neutral so you know you’re playing it safe and keeping the look flexible from a desk-to-dinner feel, too! *Click on the images for product information.   …

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    Pastels For June

    The monsoons are almost here, and with all the white-withholding and the black being mucked over, you know you want to opt for safe, but pretty colors. Play it cool with feminine shades of blues, purples, pinks and yellows. Go short, to avoid having your bottoms dirty in the Indian monsoon soil – here’s a …

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    Flirty Lips

    A little bit of mid-week flirtation is amazing. And no, we’re not talking about your boy, we’re referring to your wardrobe. It’s time to upped your game with prints, and in sync with summer’s favorite ‘kissie lips!’ Here’s a look we put together for you, so you know you can pull it off, going easy …