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    Sunday Star

    How to Waste Away Your Sunday

    So, the weekend has come to a close. Monday is looming at the door with traffic, meetings and deadlines.  How do you tackle it? By doing nothing, of course. Stalking your favourite outfit on sale or your crush is what a modern, independent woman does on her last day of freedom. Anybody who says no is …

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    Prints' Mash

    Apart from trending big time  this season, prints are making waves and statement, galore. What’s working for prints is that the colors, shapes and vibrancy of them is simply picking pace with the current fashion moods. Here are a couple of quick fix tips for you to keep in mind when you’re putting together your prints-y look: …

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    Hair Guide

    The Sling Slang

    Be it the American shows or our own desi way of depicting college going girls, the best accessory has always been the sling bag. Sling bags are an Oh-So-Convenient means of wearing your style in a manner that’s convenient to carry around your most needed products. Make sure you stack up what you need the most! Here’s …

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    D For Denim

    The one classic element that of your wardrobes can rely on at any given point of time is a pair of simple denims. Adding the dash of denim to your look with pants or a jacket is the more seen, more conventional way of doing it. But for those of you who are willing to …

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    Summer’s getting closer and the fashions are obviously changing. Going over from winter to summer, everything is getting more colorful, girlier and of course, shorter. So this Tuesday what we’ve got for you is something each of your wardrobes have to have this season: you guessed it right, shorts! Have a look at some of …

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    Flaunt Those Long Locks

    If you have long hair and are bored of wearing it the same old way, here are a few runway inspired tips to help you mix it up and make an impression: If a pony is your g’o-to’ hairdo, dress it up with some mini braids. No fancy fishtailing shenanigans here: simply create a center …

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    The Tiering Trend

    With summer around the corner, tiered skirts are making a comeback. It’s the perfect season to show off your legs and the 1980’s trend is sure to catch everyone’s attention. You can choose brightly coloured or lacy 80’s-inspired tiered skirts for a truly retro look. To stay on-trend in a more lasting way, try a …

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    Shoulder to Shoulder

    Whether they’re discreetly exposed through cool cut-outs or on full display via an off-the-shoulder dress, there is something inherently sexy about bare shoulders. From bohemian-inspired embroidered blouses to chic cocktail dresses, low shoulders have slowly become a wardrobe favourite. The trend is definitely less cliché than showing off ample cleavage and/or legs and is equally, …

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    Leather It Up

    Most of us love the sleek and sexy look that leather has to offer, especially during the winters. However, we’d rather not buy it, given how expensive and cruel to animals this trend can be. Thankfully, there’s always faux leather. Faux leather is a cruelty-free and affordable way to wear the look of leather – …