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    FASHION The Hit List

    Get Nicely Wrapped Up This Christmas

    In case you haven’t started planning for Christmas yet, let’s give you something to fill your plate and stop all the fussing over the most dreading question ever: What am I going to wear for Christmas this year? Parties, family dinners, film nights, painting the town red etc.- all are covered here!   Christmas Morning …

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    FASHION Trend Alert

    Don’t Sweat

    Add some spunk and comfort to your everyday look with Sweatshirts. It is a no brainer that this wardrobe staple is a must have for Pre-Fall. They are designed to be worn with ease in this confusing weather and they work as the perfect partner to your denim.     Grey Zuri Sweat | Rs.1249 …

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    FASHION Sunday Star


    Maia Sethna is not only a recognized blogger, but also a model, actor and a business woman. She has already achieved a lot more than people her age usually do and yet she insists that she still has a long way to go. She continues to say that how one dresses should be an extension …

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    FASHION Sunday Star


    The very talented fashion blogger ‘Urvashi kumar’ left her finance job to start her own blog called “The right shade of red”, which take guts and strength. She has come a long way since then and have made a name for herself in the fashion industry. We got the amazing opportunity to know more about …

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    FASHION Tuesday Treat

    Fancy Pants

    Pants have become a mainstay in every woman’s wardrobe. They can be pulled on easily within minutes and are perfect for all seasons, come hail or snow. They are comfortable and yet so stylish. It is a must have wardrobe staple.   From casual to dressy, work wear to performance wear, Harrison pants works for …

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    FASHION Life Hacks


    The last F in BFF doesn’t always mean forever. Bummer! We all have a friend, we lost along the way. This friendship day, take a step forward in mending these broken relations and start afresh.    Let the dust settle first If the argument was recent, allow some time for the psychological wounds to heal. …

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    FASHION Tuesday Treat


    You can set the night on fire by choosing from our collection of nightwear to make your midnight tales long and moonlit. Sleep tight in our soft and comfortable nightwear. Find classic pyjamas for cozy nights or lazy weekends and matching soft tops and shorts – or slip into bed in a sleek and silky …

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    FASHION Trend Alert


    Backpacks are back with a bang. Many would disagree that it never went ‘out’ to begin with.  We disagree! Designers bombarded the runway 2016 with different varieties of backpacks in different hues and fabrics. The fashion world is going back to the 90’s for some serious style inspiration. If there was ever a time to …

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    FASHION Tuesday Treat


    Get twice the style in statement separates and amazing print. Co-ords work together seamlessly to make getting dressed easy. With top skirt set, double your fashion kudos in an instant. Specially, floral co-ords look perfect together.   The floral print stays chic and sexy all seasons. The two piece outfit is designed with pretty flowers …

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    FASHION Sunday Star


    Feroza Shaikh is a certified make-up artist and a stylist. When it comes to beauty and fashion, she is unbeatable. She also conducts workshops regularly for image consultancy and grooming. In this post, we get close and personal with her about her likes and preferences. Read on to find out more about this diva.   …