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    When can you wear white?

    Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the colour white. Unlike an LBD or blue denim jeans, white is not always the first thing which comes on our shopping to-do list. When can I wear white? How do I keep it clean? Isn’t white too funereal?  Well, you asked. And we answered. Here are …

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    FASHION Life Hacks


    15th August is one day in history that no Indian can ever forget. We have been free and independent since the last 69 years and today is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the same. The most thoughtful yet easiest patriotic way to get in the freedom feel is to wear the flag colours. It makes …

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    FASHION Trend Alert


    Orchestrating a wardrobe white wash will provide as much of a mental overhaul as it will a physical one. Sensing that we’d be craving purity and calm right around the time their pre-fall collections hit the stores, many designers explored the soothing potential of white.   White is definitely the coolest colour of the season …

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    Layering With Throws

    The easiest way yo put on a layer is to get yourself a throw. A throw is typically a shrug, but much longer, and of course, much more stylish. We’ve added up these stylish pieces to our collection to help you look super snazzy through this layer-trending season! Which one would be your pick? *Click …

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    Celebrities in Pencil Skirts

    Pencil skirts fit amazingly, and they’re being donned by celebrities the world over. Make sure you have at least one of these in your wardrobe, they’re great to take you from desk to dinner, super utilitarian and uber chic. What’s more? They’re on our list of wardrobe essentials! *Click on the images for product information. …

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    Summer Whites

    Fashion divas have already suggested that you wear light colours during the summer. Pastels, neons, the lighter side of the palette in genera; what better than white in such a case? *Click on the images for product information.  

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    We all have those days when we absolutely don’t know what to wear or can be rather blah about dressing up – for days like that we recommend you go ahead with something neutral to suit your moods through the day. Here’s an easy look – get inspired?! *Click on the images for product information.

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    White Shirt Lovin’

    Who doesn’t love the playfullness of a white shirt and the million ways we can style it up in – right? So here’s a super simple desk to dinner look you can create with a pencil skirt and a cute top – get inspired! *Click on the image for product information.

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    Summertime Madness

    April is officially here, embarking the true spirit of summer. This means loads of new styles, fashion statements and accessory updates from us! Make sure you stay tuned to this space to know exactly how to style your wardrobe up and down and do more with it. Here’s some easy looks for your eyes: *Click …