Hello girls! The SBL ‘Pick of the Week’ is back with a sexy bright delight. We took a vote to see which one of our products is the current favourite in office and this week, it’s the Orange Betty Dress that made the cut.

We’ve got a whole bunch of reasons why this dress is our POTW, but we’ll just list down the super essential ones that are on everyone’s mind.
Firstly, the colour. Orange is such a vibrant colour and is just right for the season right now. The orange hue of the dress is not too loud, but definitely bright enough to catch everyone’s attention. Another plus? Orange looks great on our skin tone.

Secondly, the material. Polyester georgette is a soft and easy flowing material, which keeps you super comfortable for your Sunday summer brunch in this dress. The pleats are gentle and perfect for you to twirl around in it. So get turning, get twirling with this one.

Lastly, the cut. The awesomeness of this dress lies in its simple and sweet cut. The button up collar, the shoulder flaps and the same colour tie up to cinch in your waist makes this one an absolute must have for us.

So hurry and get this look soon. You’ll thank your lucky stars you bought this orange beauty the next time you’re staring at your closet thinking about what to wear.