Being close to the weekend is such heavenly feeling. Aint it? We’ll give you more reasons to love the upcoming 2 days and chuckle about it already.

#1 After a good, hard-working week you get the opportunity and the feel to spend that minted money. Splurge on yourself by going on a good, lavish dinner and feel like a royalty.


#2 You don’t have to set your alarms for the next working day and can sleep like fish. Turn your phones on silent mode and enjoy that beauty sleep you deserve after slogging the whole week.


#3 Since you spend half your life in office, and the other half on the roads during weekdays, you miss out on the movies you’ve planned on watching. Think no more and make bookings for that movie and feel victory coming to you…


#4 We’re sure the reason given in #3 is a major aspect for having missed out on your friends as well. Invite your girlfriends over for night stays and catch up on all the due gossip.


#5 Who minds a get-away to a close by out station for a mini vacation? Pack your bags and hit the road for the weekend for a pump up and to pull off the upcoming week with zeal and a wider smile.


Ta-Da! #6 is the best! The happy hours (pun intended) are already on the roll… If you know what we mean 😈


You don’t need another reason to love Fridays. Look out of your screens and plan your weekend. And we’re sure you’ll be seconding us with the above given stuff!

Lots of Love !!