We’ve been crushing on Co-ords for so long (don’t judge us!), but we don’t know how else to say – We love you Oh coordinated delights! And when the ‘ Margarita, with a Straw’ star walked out rocking Co-ords with a comfy tee inside,we just couldn’t stop ourselves from posting about co-ords yet again.

From perky floral and spunky aztec to block colours and monochrome, there is so much you can do with co-ords this season, and we’re going to help you nail this trend. So before you rubbish this matching-matching trend, give it a shot. We’ve got a few pointers down to help you along the way.


  1. Kalki looked chic and comfortable in her pant suit co-ords, but this isn’t the only type of ensemble out there. The co-ords universe is vast and full of colour, prints and styles. Try a crop-top and skirt look if you’ve got the body for it, like Taylor Swift or if you’re a little conservative, a jacket and shorts look, like this fashionista on the street, would be great to start with.
  2. This has been said time and time again and it’s such an important point that we need to mention this again. Buy a co-ords pair only when you love both the pieces separately as well. This gives you the top and bottom to play around with and if you’re a first time buyer, a little bit of mental satisfaction that you’re getting three outfits rather than just one. Buying co-ords for the first time is a big thing and don’t let anyone tell you any different.
  3. Co-ords work best when you are comfortable in them. This doesn’t mean that the material and cut should be right for you (which by the way it should be), but you yourself should feel comfortable pulling the look off. If you want to show off your killer surf-board abs, hop on board for a crop-top and skirt/shorts/pants co-ords pair. But if you have some….let’s just call it baby fat around your tummy, its best to opt for a pair which covers your trouble areas such as a top and shorts/skirt pair like Taylor Swift or Kate Bosworth, who are both killing their mid-riff covered co-ords. Trust us on this one, wear a co-ords pair that you are comfortable in and you will rock this trend harder than anyone in the room.
  4. When working with bold printed co-ords, its best to keep the accessories, tee (if you’re wearing a jacket- shorts pair) and shoes as subdued as possible. Just sit back and let the bold prints and your sexy attitude do all the talking.
  5. Walk out with confidence and a gorgeous smile woman! Wear whatever you like, however you like with gut-wrenching confidence and watch as the world follows you.

At Stalkbuylove, we’re in the business of fashion and it’s our duty to the women of the world to provide you with the latest trends. So why not check out a couple of our co-ords? Who knows, you might like one, you might like them all, but for your wardrobe’s sake, give this trend a shot.